Damn Vulnerable Network Infrastructure (DVNI) is a project based on Containernet that creates vulnerable Software Defined Networks (SDN) to allow users to practice Ethical Hacking techniques against Layer 2/3 network services.

Getting Started


Vagrant - The project runs within a virtual machine (VM), vagrant is used to download and configure this.

VirtualBox - The project is run inside a VirtualBox VM.

FTP Client - Task & answer sheets are provided over FTP.

VNC Viewer OR a Web Browser - Most tasks supply a Kali machine that is connected to through either VNC or NoVNC in a web browser.


Once you have installed the required utilitiles start the project with Vagrant (First time setup may take some time):

vagrant up

After this has completed you are free to try out the scenarios!

You can connect to the project either using VirtualBox to view the VM or through SSH.

Connect to the device through SSH with the credentials student:student or teacher:teacher and follow the guidance from there:

ssh student@

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